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Issue: April 2019

Authors: Steve LeoneDavid Soucy - Genesis

As promised in our 2018 Mid-Year Law Enforcement Legal Review, Genesis is pleased to release its 2018 Full-Year Review.

This article provides a summary of the Washington Posts’ updated fatal police shootings statistics, including those involving people with mental illness. It also provides a discussion on qualified immunity along with a representative sampling of settlements and verdicts which occurred in 2018 as reported by the media. It’s important to note that the final disposition of these matters may differ from the published news reports based on post-trial legal proceedings and/or subsequent negotiated settlements.

The Genesis Public Entity team continues to monitor use of force statistics, settlements and verdicts, as well as any additional legislation that may impact our clients.

Issue: February 2019

Author: David Soucy - Genesis

Recent abuse cases in the news have paved the way for public awareness and outrage of sexual abuse. With that has come an unprecedented increase in verdicts and settlements. This publication is a current day analysis of the sexual abuse and molestation exposure for public institutions. We explore "Why the increase in claims?" and look at some verdicts and settlements over the past 15 months.

More importantly, we provide 6 ways that institutions can reduce the risk of immense verdicts.

Issue: October 2017

Authors: Ted Gaisford and Steve Leone - Genesis

On August 9, 2014, an 18-year-old African-American man named Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, which brought national media attention to fatal shootings involving police officers. The Washington Post has been tracking all fatal police shootings since Ferguson, and according to its data, for the past two years there have been just under 1,000 fatal police shootings per year. Mental illness played a role in almost 25% of the incidents.The Genesis Public Entity Claim Unit monitors this data and tracks police use of force nationwide through settlements and verdicts, as well as other law enforcement trends.

The cases outlined in this publication are by no means all-inclusive and are intended to provide our clients with a representative sampling of case outcomes throughout the country.

Issue: August 2016

Author: Regina Pettus - Genesis, Atlanta

The FAA will soon release new rules to the Federal Aviation Regulations Handbook related to small-sized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS),commonly known as drones, that weigh less than 55 pounds and are used by non-hobbyists. While the regulation is geared toward commercial use, it will affect public entities as well as both public and private educational institutions. The regulation is called Part 107 and will take effect August 29, 2016. All current requirements are in effect until then.

Issue: July 2013

Author:  Martin Hacala

Sports concussions have received quite a bit of press lately, as a result of high-profile lawsuits against the NCAA and the NFL.   Medical advances in our understanding about brain injuries are raising awareness and concern about concussions, particularly in the young.  

This Genesis Insights article employs a Q&A format to sort through the science as well as the existing and emerging liability landscape.  We also provide some suggestions for schools and other public entities to  consider in managing this growing risk.                                                                                              

Issue: June 2013

Author: Lauren Hilan

Given the constant and ever- changing challenges of WC Claims, it’s important that Claim Professionals be armed with multiple claims management tools.  The focus of the Genesis WC Toolbox is to allow Claim Professional to be better prepared to tackle difficult problems and make decisions. The Toolbox tools provide a process and framework that Claim Professionals can apply on a daily basis.

The Genesis WC Toolbox claim management tools were constructed to promote purposeful thought, critical thinking and fact based, not intuition based, decision-making.  These tools were designed to complement and enhance, not replace, existing claims processes and procedures, as well as to provide Claim Dept management with measurable data to track and audit Claim Professionals’ activity, and to identify high performers.  This article will describe the tools in greater detail.


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Facial Recognition - Is It Possible to Remain Anonymous?

Steven Leone

Enhanced digital imagery, along with the development of artificial intelligence, has allowed for the increased use of facial recognition technology. However, these advancements have created new legal and ethical questions. Such questions are likely to be areas of rich debate for public entities, policymakers and the public. It makes us wonder if it is possible to remain anonymous in the age of facial recognition?