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Genesis Management and Insurance Services, LLC

120 Long Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06902
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Martin G. Hacala
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin L. Williams
Sr. VP, Division Manager

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Ted Gaisford
Sr. VP, Claim Manager

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Regina Kirwan
Sr. VP, Chief Marketing Officer

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Robert Sharrer
Sr. VP, Business Svcs Manager

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Candice Davies
Sr. VP, Technology Strategy

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3535 Piedmont Road, NE
Building 14 - Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (800)782-9679
Fax: (404) 365-6888

John A. Fumo
Vice President, Senior Unit Manager

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Regina B. Pettus
Vice President

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120 Long Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: (800) 431-9994
Fax: (203) 328-6444

Maggie Dittmar
Second Vice President

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John Toi
Vice President

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1 North Wacker Drive
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (800) 626-5445
Fax: (312) 526-7507

Lauren Nevens
Vice President, Senior Unit Manager

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Matthew Bartels
Vice President

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Michelle Intrepidi
Vice President

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Brianna Colletti
Second Vice President

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Los Angeles

355 S. Grand Avenue
Suite 2400
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Phone: (213) 236-1740
Fax: (213) 630-1954

Phillip C. Koehler
Vice President

(213) 236-1738


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What's Next for Qualified Immunity?

Steven Leone

Over the last several weeks, the nation has been focused on the criminal trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin for the tragic death of George Floyd. Since George Floyd’s death nearly a year ago, police reform efforts have advanced with greater urgency. There are increasing calls to regulate the police and to hold them accountable. In years past, qualified immunity may have been an obscure legal doctrine arising in civil lawsuits against government officials. Not anymore. Qualified immunity is in the spotlight. So, what’s next for qualified immunity?

Facial Recognition - Is It Possible to Remain Anonymous?

Steven Leone

Enhanced digital imagery, along with the development of artificial intelligence, has allowed for the increased use of facial recognition technology. However, these advancements have created new legal and ethical questions. Such questions are likely to be areas of rich debate for public entities, policymakers and the public. It makes us wonder if it is possible to remain anonymous in the age of facial recognition?