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2018 AGRiP Fall Educational Forum Panel Presentation:
Sexual Abuse and Molestation Claims

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Kevin Williams recently participated in a panel discussion at AGRiP's Fall Educational Forum, focused on Sexual Abuse and Molestation. 

Sexual abuse and molestation claims have unfortunately been high profile in recent years, and the claim risk is very real. This session examined the totality of risk for sexual abuse and molestation claims within public entities, examined loss data that can inform next steps, and addressed practical ways public entity risk pools are approaching coverage, claims, litigation, and risk management for this challenging claims issue. 

Joining Kevin on the panel were Craig Bowlus (National Practice Leader / Risk Pooling, Aon Risk Solutions), Martin Brady (Executive Director, Schools Insurance Authority), Deborah Callahan (Executive Director, Washington Schools Risk Management Pool), Michael Rhyner (Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority) and Scott Rohr (President, Great American Insurance Group). The discussion was moderated by Brett Davis (Chief Executive Officer, Park District Risk Management Agency).


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